White Wedding Cars For Celebrations Throughout London

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White Wedding Cars For Celebrations Throughout London

What’s known as ‘a white wedding’ is the most common type of romantic ceremony in the UK. 

White is the most classic colour for weddings in general. The tradition partly originates from the white colour of the wedding dress worn by Anne of Brittany during her 1499 marriage to Louis XII of France.

However, white wedding dresses first became hugely popular in Britain in the 1840s after Queen Victoria wore a white lace dress for her nuptials. Although it was the dresses that popularised the term ‘white wedding’, it’s now common to have a vehicle that matches the bride’s gown. 

Unsurprisingly white is a top choice for those who want elegant, sophisticated vehicles. 

JD Prestige Cars has a number of glamorous vehicles available to hire for weddings, including those in classic white. 

Among our fleet is our stunning Rolls Royce White Phantom which is guaranteed to impress all your guests. One of the most luxurious vehicles in the world, this vehicle is so sumptuous, you might wish the journey was longer!

Features include luxury leather seats, a wood veneer finish, and individual passenger screens. This Rolls Royce is gorgeous inside and out, making it the ideal vehicle for making an entrance at any venue. 

Our other white vehicles include the Bentley Mulsanne which has a striking high class appearance. It’s so gorgeous it’s also often used for films and television productions. 

Explore our latest wedding vehicles to hire or drop us a line for more details.