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Self Drive Super Car Rental

Super Car Hire

Self Drive Super Car Hire

JD Prestige Cars are leaders in hiring self-drive supercars. We do the following vehicles on day or weekend rates – Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley and Audi R8

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  • Remember you must have a clean licence or no more than 6 penalty points for SP or TS offences. You must have a checkable credit file and you must be over 28 to hire our cars.
  • We require a £5000 deposit on all our self hire cars payable by credit card only

These beautiful machines are highly sought after by all. Boys have grown up into men dreaming of driving these cars and at some point in their lives owning one of these beauties. Well if you can’t afford to own one, then rent one from us.

Click on any of the above pictures below to get further details on what luxury super cars we offer and see the super cars we hire in more detail.

Open around the clock, drop us an email or phone us to get more details of any of these supercars for hire.

We will drop these cars to you for a small fee or you can come and collect them to save money. Just make sure you have a checkable driving record, are over 28 in most cases and have no serious endorsements on your license.

We will take a deposit of £5k in most cases but as long as the car comes back in the condition it left then you have no worries. Just enjoy your luxury super car hire.

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  • JD Prestige Cars always responds to your enquiry quickly, however sometimes our replies can end up in Junk/Spam depending upon your email settings. Please check those folders if you haven’t heard from us within a day. When filling out the form below, please give us all the required information so we can quote you accurately first time.